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Project Blue Bird

nice job on the interior. I like the blue thread. it adds a lot. The paint reminds me of a color AMC used to have . I think it was called Bad Boy Blue.
yep, similar. this is a new Corvette/Cadillac color. Thanks on the seats as well!!
I like the 59 caddy bullet tail lights. I have 4 of them stored away somewhere. I moght remove my 1950 pontiac tail lights & install the caddy lights .
I didn't own a digital camera back in the days when i attempted to build the tbucket. Sorry , no photos. The 429 c.i.d. engine came from a 1966 Calais. The Calais also had a th 400 auto trans which was also used in my failed tbucket project.
No such thing as "failed project" just a learning experience.
You are absolutely correct buffman. My techniques have greatly improved since my last t bucket attempt. I'm the only fiberglass worker at Cherokee Automotive. I've become the go to person for fiberglass related matters. The employees refer to me as " crazy donny's fiberglass". They really like my roof build on the boss's 29 model a sport coupe. Life is good.

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