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Project Blue Bird

My computer ( Lenovo ) has microsoft windows 10 , I use a digital Nikon Coolpix L830 camera. I upload my photos through a u.s.b cable to my desktop. I size the photos to 1200 x 900 pixels , then i upload them to the t bucket forum. I can upload the photos to anybody's thread.
This is a photo of a Nikon CoolPix L830 :nikon coolpix L830.jpg It was under $300.00 several years ago. You can buy them slightly USED from ebay for about $100.00.
Hard to go wrong with a Nikon camera !
Sorry for the lack of updates,,we've slowly been plugging away. The car is running and driving. slowly getting further and further from home with each drive through the neighborhood. Dropping my seats off this week to get covered. its coming together nicely. Just mainly going through working the bugs out. Were down to one issue that I'm having trouble figuring out.
The car run about 2-3 seconds after the ignition is turned off. Ive got an alternator with an external regulator, and it seems it started it around the time we installed that along with the rest of the charging circuit. anyone have experience with this?

IMG_4378.jpeg IMG_4379.jpeg IMG_4377.jpeg
That can happen when the regulator is wired into the ignition circuit and continues to supply power after the key is turned off. This also happens when people try to wire the electric fan to keep running after the ignition is turned off.
A $3.00 diode will cure the run-on problem.
nice job on the interior. I like the blue thread. it adds a lot. The paint reminds me of a color AMC used to have . I think it was called Bad Boy Blue.

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