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Bulletin board?

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Does anyone know what happened to Totals bulletin board? It's gone!:eek:
Total's BB is shut down for the next 3 months to revamp the BB. There was a post on the board for about 3 days before from Brian.:lol:
LumenAl said:
It's been years since I've seen a "Mighty Mouse"! I should start a poll and see how many people recognize him!

How that go? "Here he comes to save the day...." :lol:

I thought it went "Here I come to save the day" Oh crap here i go giving my age away again.:razz:
Now I do feel old, remembering it correctly. Buy hey, I used to sit and watch him on TV. :whistle:
MY hero was Underdog....
Youngster said:
MY hero was Underdog....

Makes me want to eat a bowl of Sugar Pops.:rolleyes:

I remember Might Mouse:D

I also remember Deputy Dawg, Speedy Gonzalez, Peppy LePew, Sylvester and who's showin' their age:eek::eek::lol::)

I almost forgot.....Foghorn Leghorn:naughty:

Hey....let's not forget Yogi and Boo Boo!
Elmer Fudd, "......come on out you wascally wabbit......."
One thing for sure. Mighty Mouse could kick Sponge Bobs butt. My Grand-daugther was over the other day and watched Sponge Bob sguare pants, Cartoons have gone down hill :D
I feel like I lose IQ points, when Sponge Bob is on.
I'd still like to know how Charlie and Knucklehead made Edgar's Adams apple move when they talked.

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