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Can I get some input on my build....


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Hi guys, can I get some input on my build, this is my first T and i'm kinda wing'n it. I set the axle way back, does it look funny to you? its a 122" wheel base, I could move the axle forward 5" but kinda like the long look. Besides needing to cut the turtle deck for axle and spring clearance does anyone see anything off? Thanks, -Don
Don: That is wayyyy too long for a "T" ( maybe a dragster). You seem to have a lot of room up front to move EVERYTHING. Spirit 't " s are 106" and they are long . Most buckets are between 96" and 102".
I don't looks good to me and for the long front I rather have more room in the engine area than close. I'd leave it like it is.....but that's my 2cents.........................................The true question is what do you like?
Looking good so far...
California auto parts still on 9th. st. in Molesto?
I worked there a long time ago,lived in ceres.
Personally I like a shorter wheelbase, mine is 96" but that's my car not yours. If you prefer a longer 122" WB then I say go for it, your car is just that, your car. :welcome:
Here is an early picture of my car to give you an idea. It has a wheelbase of 108.5". If you want 122" wheelbase, go for it because it is your car. However, besides looking a little awkward you may find it somewhat awkward to drive with the large turning radius that it would have.


You may consider if you have any taller tires it may change the look to appear out of scale. I would move in a few inches so your tire is the same distance from the body and the rear of the turtle deck. If your tires dont get any taller you may be ok. JMHO
Thanks guys, Im figuring out there is no 'one way" to build these cars, I like the long look, I also like the look of Jim turtle deck car (nice!), I just didnt want to build some ill handiling freak car, Im going with 750X16 in back and 650X16 in front, I like the extra room, the body is about 10" longer from my other 23t body I have which is good for leg room, thank all of you for your input, it's good to run things by you experts. Expect more questions as I progress.
As far as California auto Parts in Mo-town I dont think its there anymore, I dont venture down 9th street way to often (not the best part of town).
You all have a good weekend, and Ill keep posting picks of the "dragster T"
The "Dragster T", I like it, that's got a nice ring to it.
My motherinlaw is 82 and went to junior high in Compton. That is where thay landed from oklahoma in the 30s. Things change dont they???
With a turtle deck , I set them up so the back of the tires id about an inch forward of the back of the deck. I also like the look of a nerf bumper with a t-deck. Check out '46hotrod's build. Great lookin nerf on that one.

I like it, don't change a thing unless it rides like crap, in which case this post never happened.
Thanks for the input guys. Shes staying long, unless it rides like crap then.......... "why didnt you tell me"! Haaa
My "Billet-T" is 109" and my "Senility" with a BBC 396 is 121". Love them both. Dare to be different. Build it the way you want it and enjoy!
I have 120 inches and like it. If you are going to put miles on it the longer wheel base will give a better ride.

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