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CCR's New Online Store & Website


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California Custom Roadsters new Online store and Website is now up. Although it isn't quite finished, we have most of the T-Bucket Chassis parts on there, plus lots of great pictures for information and ideas.
We are adding new stuff daily so keep checking back.

Please check it out and let us know what you think

Snip home page.JPG (2).JPG
It's coming along nicely! Just wish I could get the drop in interior kit for my car. Been waiting since 2016!
Hi Jerry,

Looking over your website, awesome stuff to choose from sir! Not seeing interior panels or bench seats similar to the rod on the front page the site. Any suggestions?

I needed another trans cooler like the one in my blue T-bucket and I was going to send you a bunch of pictures and dimensions to see if you still sold the same ones, but then I remembered the new catalog. I found the exact one in the catalog and ordered it, too easy. You should have done this long ago.
I just bought one of your cars (or so I'm told)! I'm just up the 71fwy from you (Glendora) and have been wondering if you had a showroom. I have a lot of tinkering to do, parts to ID, etc... but wasn't sure if you were strictly online or did counter sales as well. Thanks!

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