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Chromed Steel Radiator Shells are here


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CCR's Chromed Steel T Radiator shells arrived yesterday. The shells look great and will be a welcomed re-addition to CCR's product line. They fit the 1923-25 radiator and include the lower tank cover, which really finishes off the front of your car. They are available now and are ready to ship.
CCR's Part # 81613 TBF (chromed steel) $225.

T Radiator Shell (chromed steel) 6.jpgT Radiator Shell (chromed steel) 7.jpgT Radiator Shell (chromed steel) 8.jpg
Got one on the way.. Not sure who I spoke to but she sounded like a sweetheart ..LOL and was very helpful answered my questions and returned phone calls great people Thanks CCR
I hate to be a bother. I have a Speedway radiator and need to know if it will fit. The top and sides should, but I need the distance from the inside front to the neck hole. I'm not sure the Speedway neck is in the right spot for your shell.

Could you please measure for me?
Yes, that helped. Unfortunately, Speedways neck is 1" from the front. :mad: Oh, well. This radiator is also sold polished, so I may get someone to polish it one day. (should've got thepolished one to begin with)

Thanks for the help.
OK I got my Chrome Radiator shell and it is gorgeous !! Man very fast shipping too !!! I have an E-Bay radiator got the Top parts from Speedway and did some southern engineering and I believe it will work just great . I don't have it mount solid yet my buddy is still putting my engine together . This is just to see how it looks and to get a mounting plan.. anyway here it is .....




Can't see why that wouldn't fit Fred unless I'm seeing it wrong.

Yea, after thinking, looking and measuring, it should work. I'll have a 1/4" gap in the front, but that's not bad at all. I'll let the tax man pay for it when I get his check.:)
Thanks,,,I attached it to the shell ,, I made a small bed of kitty hair to set it solid and I fitted a large washer inside the neck with 2 long screws to the bottom into a cross piece under the neck that pulls both pieces together. It made it darn tight and I think short of hitting a bird at speed it should stay .
RocknT you need to spend some late nights so you will be ready for the Panhandle Fun Run on the last weekend of April in Nazareth....................Hope to see you there even if you have to drive that other Ford you got...............

LOL I hear ya ! I have pretty much the whole car now in the shop but not much time to work on it . my buddy is finishing up the motor now,,
Thanks,,,,That it is and very well worth the money too

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