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Steel T Bucket Radiator Shells Have Arrived

Lee would you believe 200mph tape??
I cut the stainless mesh for an interference fit inside the grill shell, it fits tight and cant move. Applied tape around the edges for the time being until the body comes off for paint in June. Then I will figure something else out more permanent.
We finally recieved the first shipment of the CCR designed Steel (painted) Radiator Shells. After years of development, the steel radiator shells are back in stock. These are a complete redesign of the stock replacement shells. They are specifically made for the T Buckets and come with a lower valance panel similar to our glass shells. The shells are built to mount off of frame tabs and have the hole for the radiator neck. These are the Painted Steel Shells, The Chromed ones will be in in a few weeks.

# 81613 TBF ( painted steel) $ 150

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# 81613C TBF (chromed steel) $ 250

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I know this is coming late. But this is great! I ordered a windshield frame from you this February, and I really love the product.
My first objective is to get the bucket started this summer. But I will be getting one of them grill shells from you.


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