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Chromed Steel Radiator Shells are here

LMAO ,, Meee tooo
Hahaha, yeah kind of a stupid question huh.I just figured out what CCR was, kind of new to where some of these places are but I'll get there. Thanks for the response I'll get ahold of them.
Welcome to neighbour hood Bro I have learned leaps and bounds about this stuff and the only way is to ask,,
Thanks much, it's a pleasure to be in the company of guys who love what I love. I've noticed looking around the sight that there's alot of knowledge out there and some great craftsmanship. Very Cool!
Just ordered mine this week and can hardly wait to get it. Great product, good fair price, and a top notch company to deal with. When I ordered mine I told Dianne that I would call her back to tell her where to ship it as I was out of town. I missed calling her and she followed up the next day with a call to set up the shipping. Very impressive! All this for a $225 sale. Dealing with CCR has been a great experience and I would highly recommend them.
This discussion was starting to revolve around a vendor other than California Custom Roadsters, so in fairness to CCR I have moved those posts to another location.
In fairness to CCR? Who said anything bad about CCR? They seem to be a nice place to deal with.Ya know in talking, the subject will drift to something else on occasion, it doesn't go on for
ever. So then what, you have to change the place where you talk? That's kind of like having to leave the room to talk because someone will hear you and report you to the heads of state. In talking people vent, that's what people do and then they move on. Shouldn't have to move to another location to do it.
409T was simply doing what was best, so take deep breaths and go with the flow. This forum was established for discussions about California Custom Roadsters, their products and their services. Discussion about other vendors and other products don't belong here, so don't take offense when the forum staff are doing their jobs.
I now understand that the forums on here are for specific things Mike, I didn't know that then. I really don't take offence to what 409T said, well maybe alittle. The point I was trying to make is conversations wander for a bit and finish, thats just the nature of things. I mean if two people were in CCR's shop or anyones shop and they were discussing one of their products and it wandered to something else for a few minutes, is it fair to say we should leave their shop to finish the wandering in fairness to them? Les must have been pretty upset about his situation to have even brought it up, but I've been there and feel his frustration. It won't happen again Mike it's just that conversation police bother me.
I ordered a chrome shell and got it installed it before the NATS in Chattanooga. I had been looking for one for years and couldn't find one at a decent price in good condition because the previous vendors stopped making them. I wonder why? I was pleased with the fit and quality and the very fair price. I saw an original (supposedly unused) TP chrome shell sell on ebay for $600 a while back. Thanks CCR!
RocknT , it looks great ! It's funny I got to looking I bought the same radiator , it looks like the same T , are you running a 460 ? I was also looking at one of these chrome shells , great minds think alike !
Got the radiator from California ,,the shell from CCR ,,frame ,body.front end from RPM..You betcha gonna be 460.

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