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Steel T Bucket Radiator Shells Have Arrived


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We finally recieved the first shipment of the CCR designed Steel (painted) Radiator Shells. After years of development, the steel radiator shells are back in stock. These are a complete redesign of the stock replacement shells. They are specifically made for the T Buckets and come with a lower valance panel similar to our glass shells. The shells are built to mount off of frame tabs and have the hole for the radiator neck. These are the Painted Steel Shells, The Chromed ones will be in in a few weeks.

# 81613 TBF ( painted steel) $ 150

T Radiator Shell (Steel, painted) 2.jpgT Radiator Shell (Steel, painted) 3.jpgT Radiator Shell (Steel, painted) 4.jpgT Radiator Shell (Steel, painted) 5.jpg

# 81613C TBF (chromed steel) $ 250

T Radiator Shell (chromed steel) 4.jpgT Radiator Shell (chromed steel).jpg
Finally! Been a long time comin'. Can you supply deminsions?
$150 is a great price for the painted steel but $250 for chrome, WOW! Still $150 is not much more than what a fiberglass one costs and I think it is great that you are producing these.
That really is good news, for years no one had a metal one available. I wanted one for my 23 and everyone I called said the molds had worn out and no one was making them any more. Finally found a great used one from another member and used it.

You will do well with those, they look great.

Excellent news!!! I paid a pretty penny for an original one that was chromed off ebay last year. This is an awesome addition to the T world.
Any idea how close this would be to a original 26/27? And would it work with a steel hood?
The 26/27 Shell is a bit taller, I have an original one, but I can't get to it right now to measure. Maybe an inch to an inch and a half taller than the earlier style, and I think the 26/27 had a slightly different taper/radius on the top and sides. When we started this project the 26/27's were still available thru a few places, but I'm not sure thats the case anymore.
I have an original nickel plated brass shell that I guess I'm going to have to repair. The nickle had been polished away in several spots years ago, so I'm planing on painting it match the car anyways. But even if it won't work for me, it's a great product.
Yes, I got mine last Saturday and the quality is top notch, it will paint up so much better than the Speedway glass one, the Ford script is much more crisp on the stamped steel one over the fiberglass.
I was just telling my Son tonight about you now having these metal ones available. He is starting to plan his next project and was pretty happy to hear about these. We will probably be coming to you sometime down the road........maybe I will get him one for Christmas next year. :)

When are the chrome shells going to be available,,
Good news thanks,,, Will they be available to order tomorrow also,,
Great thanks,,,I want one can you tell ?? LOL
Pic of CCR radiator shell on my walker radiator. Really happy with fit and quality.:) :

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