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Cleaning Chrome Headers


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Has anybody had success removing blueing from Chrome headers ? I was told by the Flitz guy that his product would remove it, but I haven't had much luck with other products yet and I haven't tried Flitz yet. Any other ideas as to what Worx ?
How does the Blue Away last between applications?
ACJC said:
How does the Blue Away last between applications?

The bluing is simply caused by high heat and nothing that is in blue away with prevent it... however with enough elbow grease (and trust me, it will take a lot of it) you can remove most of the bluing... but it will return is your pipes run hot enough to do it.
Flitz works great. You won't be disappointed.
The company has been around for about 30 years so they must be doing something right.
I've had great success with their Flitz Polish-Paste.
Used it to remove blueing from my Harley.
Seems to work best if the pipes are a little warm.
The product even has corrosion protection in it.
Flitz also makes a product called "Waxx Protectant".
It is a water-based, carnauba & beeswax wax that can be used on polished metal without dulling or hazing the metal.
Both the Flitz Polish and Waxx Protectant are non-abrasive, silicone-free and can be used on metals, plastic, fiberglass, clearcoat...
Hope this helps.
I understand an old motorcycle trick is to coat the inside of new chrome exhaust with grease and when it burns it coats the interior and prevents bluing;. Never tried it, but hear it works.

donsrods said:
...coats the interior and prevents bluing;. Never tried it, but hear it works.

Best thing I've done to prevent bluing on my bike is to use double wall pipes... NEVER blues!

Custom Chrome sells a ceramic powder that you mix with water to a pancake batter consistency. You plug the ends of the headers and slosh it around to coat the inside. Pour out the remainder and let dry. I use this product and it works very well. Two bottles will be needed to do T Headers...:cool:

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