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directional signals


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What's the easiest way to add directionals ? I really would prefer not to add anything onto the steering column as space is very limited already. The State Patrol in WI is giving me a hard time getting plates. They are even trying to make me add fenders on all 4 tires...
I met a guy this summer who used a 3 way switch mounted in the dash. Left turn was to the left setting, off in the middle and right turn was the right setting. In the Anniversary T that Total built, they use push button switches as well. There are quite a few variations that could work.

As for the fenders, mount the cheapest you can for the inspection. They may fall off on your way home.*wink* It happens. The windshield washer that I will have to bolt on will get lost somehow. Opps! hehe
I'm going with the 3 way switch, mounted under the front of the seat. I want to keep the dash and column "clean" looking. No fenders for mine.
American Auto Wire has a nifty unit.
TOGGLE TURN SIGNAL SWITCH, Controls turn Signals and Brake circuit. Complete with
with instructions. Accepts .250 female terminals.
I just installed one of the deluxe solid state flasher units that Speedway sells and it work s great. It's actually made by a company called Signal Dynamics. I use a spring loaded, center off toggle switch to activate it but you could use two push button switches. Push it for one second and it flashes for 7 seconds, 2 seconds and it flashes for 20 seconds and 4 seconds and it will flash for about two minutes, just push the button again to cancel if you want to stop it. It also ties in the brake lights and the turn signal overides the brake light on that side. It's really slick but a little pricey. Good luck on passing inspection.

I have a modern indicator stalk sticking out from undre the seat, it also has other functions on it.. horn [on the end] lights [side and main] dip and it has another twist switch which should be for the rear fog light but is wired for the wiper [ only one and one speed! ]
Some pics as promised, as you can see the stalk sticks out enough to see it and does the other functions as well.

:eek:That. Is. The. Coolest. Idea. EVER.

Man, I have never seen that done before. What control is that out of?
the switch is out of a nearly new Renault Megane, you probably dont have them there, but I' sure there will be something similar that could be used.
I have also used one mounted to the floor between the seats before.
Obviously it dosnt cancel like it would on the column, you just have to remember you are using the siganls and cancel yourself.

Just look at you daily drivers or round the junkyard, they are out there.
Digger wrote,
"I have a modern indicator stalk sticking out from undre the seat"

I've got this picture in my head, the Highway Patrol man leaning in over the side saying "Is that an indicator stalk down there Sir? or are you just happy to see me? :pint:
Sorry couldn't help myself.

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