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Dons windshield


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Don. I saw the photo of your windshield from the lounge. How do you like it? I've seen several similar to yours with a space at the bottom. Does this cause probelms at higher speeds, like above 80MPH. Anything else good or bad? Can you post or email me some more pictures of it. I'm not ready for a windshield yet but I've already started thinking about which way to go.
Thanks. Well, it offers almost no protection, but I am used to it........I drove my '27 almost daily for 7 years, and the windshield is chopped just about as low. I have to wear sunglasses even at night, but that is no problem for might be for some though. My Son and I made the drive to Billetproof in Ocala, via I 75, and I also drove the car to Daytona last November. Each time it was about 5 hours each way at 65-70 mph, and it was not that unpleasant. But, I'm a diehard roadster guy! :D:lol:

I actually built that windshield because I wanted the car to resemble an old time modified sort of. I bought an unknown old car windshield on Ebay one time and used the top portion turned upside down to make the glass frame work. Then I cut off the original posts and welded them to some flat steel plate and painted the whole thing black.

Here are some pictures to give you some idea of how I did it, and also what it looks like with us going down the road. The last picture was my Son and I at Billetproof. As you can see, it was a little wet! :eek:


This is the windshield as I got it from Ebay.


This is the portion I saved.


These are the brackets I made up to weld to the chopped off posts.


Here is the welded up frame installed the first time.


And here we are driving down the road. If anything, the windshield deflects the air upward somewhat, over our heads.....but not 100%.

Thanks Don. It was hard to tell how high your windshield was from your previous post. That might work well for me a few inches taller and built with aluminum. I also like the way you mounted the posts to the dash. Simple but effective. I'm guessing you did some heavy reinforcing behind the dash. I have a set of old steel posts which I bought off ebay. I thought about cutting them down a few inches and using them. I also thought about going with a different look... building two smaller windscreens, one for either side of car. That would take a little more work to look right. Your bucket has a fantastic look to it. I had considered going with the low lakester look but decided to keep with my orginal plan, the turtle decked track t. Hopefully I can get some work done in the mornings after I get off from work. It's too hot to work in the workshop after noon up here in Hotlanta. Again thanks for the pictures.
Thanks again. I know what you mean about being too hot to work. We usually go to the shop in the evening and work until maybe 4 or 5 in the morning, on days when my Son doesn't have work the next day. It is the only time it is cool enough to get anything done.

Yes, I did reinforce the dash because I knew the fiberglass alone wasn't strong enough to stand the stress of the wind pushing on the windshield, or for the steering column to be bolted under it. What I did was build a tubular cage under it that bolts to the frame, then through the firewall, and finally though the lower lip of the dash. The windshield bolts to two wings on either side of that cage.

Here is what that looked like before the body was put on.



That setup looks good, Don. Certainly makes for a sturdy support.
Don is that structure welded or bolted to the frame? Looks a lot like what I have started but gives me more ideas. Looks plenty strong ....Francis
Don, I'm wanting to have my T sit as low as yours. I've thought about Z-ing the frame but that's one option. Another option is to use a 6" dropped axle. How much drop does your front axle have? Steve
Thanks guys. To answer your questions about the underdash support I built, it really does make the whole thing pretty rigid. It bolts down to the frame with two bolts on each side, also has four button head bolts going into it through the firewall, and finally bolts to the underside of the dashboard. It isn't removable anymore since the floor was glassed in, but it didn't need to be. I just wanted the steering and windshield to have a strong mounting spot so it would not stress the fiberglass at all.

der Spieler, my axle is dropped only 4 inches. What got the front so low was the way I mounted my spring suicide style to the underside of the wishbone. Some people put the spring perch through the wishbone, but by welding a plate to the bottom it drops the front another 2 inches or so. The plate also strengthens the wishbone. I've posted a picture of how I did that for you below. Hope this helps.

In the picture below you can see how the black "roll bar" support mounts under the cowl of the car.


Here is how I mounted my front spring perch.......


And this picture shows the underdash roll cage.............

donsrods said:
Here is how I mounted my front spring perch.......



I really like how you did that spring perch mount!

I cringe every time I see someone who has drilled through the side of their wishbone to mount a spring perch. It makes you nervous knowing the whole front weight of the car is supported by it. :eek:

I like your method of reinforcing the wishbone to better handle the load.

(Sound of Homer Simpson's voice) Mmmmmm.... Much Safer....


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