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East Coast Gathering????


I was thinking that maybe next year if some are interested we can set up a Gathering of Rods which would be a showing, Cruising, maybe a dyno night and more.This past month a friend of mine just installed a floor Dyno. He held a Dyno night after a car show and it had a good turn out even with the slight rain we had. A beach cruise could be done in a day. Anyway just let me know if anyone would be interested in something like such. It would be nice to see some of the East Coast cars more than once a year. We can make several events like a mini bash all up and down the East Coast.

Lets get something started. Post some suggestions.

I like that kind of thinking. We're relatively new on the scene but made the Nationals in Lenoir this year. Would consider another east coast gathering and like to see more T's from the area get together.

Well we have about a year to start making plans. So any help and ideas are greatly needed. Even picking a central location or setting one more North and then one South. No one said we can't have several
Guys, I am in!! Just make sure we ALL stay in the same hotal.:eek::razz: LOL
yep. If not atleast go around and get with everyone no matter where they are. Example: if your going to do a cruise then cruise by the other hotels to pick everyone else up. It's just that simple. That's what my group did.
Mid June or early Sep? End of may would work. July or aug also. As long as Claud has citrinella in his cowl lamps to keep the bugs away.
Definitely would be interested in something like that especially if there was something in the northern half. Would be available to assist with the planning and other grunt work that needs to be done.
I'm planning a trip to northeastern Ohio in August. If there is something planned around that time I would be VERY interested.

Ron I know what you mean about 10/12 hours in the seat making a full day, the last two nats I went too took 2 and 1/2 of those days to get there and then three days back home.....But they were more than worth the trip.........Try it you will like the ride on the other end for a fact...........I have wondered why it always takes me longer to get home than going away???
With the price of gas and accommodations, there must be quite a few cars there to make it worth while. (I travel close to a thousand miles every year to Louisville to view, and be with, over ten thousand fellow rodders.) Otherwise I'll stay close to home.

Jim what we need is someone from say the Georgia or South Carolina Area for the southern mini and someone from Virginia or Maryland area for the Northern mini to give some suggestions and what all is around these areas to do. I don't want to pick NC that way no one thinks I'm not willing to drive. I know that say we do the North meet around late May early June and the South event around August late September. Or vise versa. Plus we need to look at the fact that during the Spring/Summer months you'll pay more for hotels and functions. So maybe go inland away from the beach even though I'd love to have a good old fashion beach cruise up and down the coast. Here in NC you can catch the Ferries with the cars and ride for about 2 hours. If you guys want the beach then it can be done too. Anyway keep it coming.
It can be easier to plan an event if you tie it in with another. That way you can have a T gathering, enjoy the other event, and let that event provide the activities and facilities.

For example, The NSRA York, PA meet was the first outing with my T. There were several other T's there, some of which also attended the Nats a couple weeks later. York only costs $25 for a NSRA membership (if you're not already a member) and $25 for the meet. In addition to membership, this included entry for the whole weekend, a DJ all weekend, three nights of 50's band entertainment, swap meet, a shopping bus and craft building for the ladies, vendors, 4,000+ streetrods and more. Plus the hotels and restaurants are geared up for the cars. My wife and I cruised the grounds all weekend (after the rain stopped) and managed to find and meet some of the other T owners. Plus the visibility of a bunch of T's parked at the grounds would create more interest in the T's.

I realize this type of gathering wouldn't be a T-only event but no reason everyone couldn't hang out together and have some T-only activites added to the weekend. I started something similar with another car that I own and that gathering is in it's fifth year (but that's a whole other story). Just a thought.....
Well I like the Idea and would attend again I want to thank you for comeing here to Lenoir for the Nats I had a great time leading the group to the Mts for a ride I am always ready to check out other places

I would consider coordinating a get-togeter around the York NSRA meet if there is enough interest. This a big event so getting everyone into the same hotel may be difficult but we should be able to commmunicate via the 'net and cell phone. There is plenty of room at the fairgrounds to get all of us parked together. The date for 2010 is June 4-6. Here are some photos from 2009: 2009 NSRA Nationals, York, PA pictures from cars photos on webshots
What do you all think of Somerset Ky my home town it was one of the stops on the 2009 power tour we have a car show on day a month from April to oct so we are a big car town.easy access form i75 north and south and Cumberland parkway east and west and allot of motels and hotels good sites to see Cumberland falls,lake Cumberland two drag strips within 25 miles of town and a shop to work on your T if needed. :D
Just to throw this out as a suggestion Pigeon Forge, TN. It is a big resort town The entrance to Great Smoky Mountian National park , Dollywood. Tail of the dragon, Several dragstrips close by. A lot to see and do here. About 400 miles from the coast, 6 hours 500 miles from Orlando, 500 miles from Philadelpia. 400 miles from the Mississippi river at Memphis. Just about 10 miles off of I-40 so getting here would be pretty easy. Plenty of hotels so we could all stay at the same one for getting together for cruises.

Pigeon Forge

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