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ed-roth helmet?

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i thought you guys might appreciate this find.

im not sure if its an ed-roth original. from what ive read, he made and sold these as "surfer helmets" in the mid/late 60s for about 3$ each with a liner.
it seems that Eds were made of molded plastic after he bought a mold from a movie set company who had used it to cast helmets for a war movie back in the day.
anyway, i found this at an antique shop the other day and wasn't gona go home without it. this one is sprayed fiberglass. rather thick, kinda heavy, and real sturdy. looks to have been primed with a light green paint then coated crudely with a thick coat of semi-flat black. maby its not one of Eds castings, but from what i can tell comparing it to others on line, its DEFIANTLY from the same mold that Ed used for his. either way, very cool and sure worth 68$ canadian.:)
the paint is in great shape, but looks to have had a few stress cracks from typical fiberglass aging.


im planning on making a plaster mold using this helmet (dont worry, i wont wreck it) so i can fiberglass more. if your interested in me making you one, let me know and ill let you know how they turn out.;)
Ed Roth used to sometimes wear a black felt hat stretched out like a witchs hat.. My dad used to ride bucking horses in the big western rodeos, Cheyenne Wyoming, Calgary Canada. Pendleton, Oregon and wore a white felt hat like the one Hoss Cartright wore on the TV show. Bonanza. My dad also drove a model T speedster in his younger days .He drove truck and died when I was 5 so we didnt see him much. I wanted a hat like my dad wore, M mother told me he used to take a new expensive hat and hold it between his knees and pour in boiling water and start to shape it with different size glass bottles. When I was a teenager and building my first T bucket I wanted a Roth hat so I bought a felt hat at a rummage sale and started reworking it. I finished it using a broom handle. MY MOTH.ER HATED IT

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