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Fiberglass Repair


There is a very good article in the Jan.'10 issue of STREET RODDER on fiberglass repair. I believe that a lot can be learned from this article if you need a repair or to modify your body.

Yep, I wrote them about the foam part.
The foam I use is much better and stands up to resin.
Come on Welder, I don"t want to wait for the January 2011 issue to get the foam update. And that was a very good article.
HDU also known as sign foam, comes in sheets from 1/2" to 6"
glue it together to make bigger parts.

I used it to make my hood "scoop" and a few other things. carves great and resin and glass don't hurt it.
Sign supply co. a larger sign company's might have scraps laying around.
a sheet (4x8) of 1" runs about 160.00 around here. Finding scraps might be had for free or
very little.
here's my scoop, made it from 1" scrap glued together and shaped with a 6" sander and some hand sanding
covered in 2 coats of resin and glass. 1 layer of glass to mount to the hood.

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