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Ford 300 inline 6 for a bucket


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Well, it's been in the back of my head for a number of years now. I always liked how much power people get out of the inline 300 and always thought it would be pretty cool in a street rod. I have a buddy that has one he pulled out of a dump truck that ran so well he didn't really want to scrap it. We were talking this morning and I decided to use it for my bucket project instead of my 327 Chevy. It's quite a change for sure but I think it would not only be fun for my son and I but would look pretty nice. It's a good thing I listened to you guys and waited before cutting up parts for the chassis because the engine is about 36" long and may need a little extra rooom.

Anyhow, any of you guys have a bucket with an inline 6? Or anybody ever think of putting one in? Just trying to pick up as much information as I can here. People have told me in the good old days many of the old rodders used inlines so I would bet some of you have some good lessons for me.

ain't nothing wrong with that--lots of guys run i4,v6 and lots of v8--one thing you will have is the low end torque----but it weighs about the same as the 327

Well, it's a 292 Chevy powered Model A ... but here's the best I could do.



And just because its only got 6 cylinders.....don't think you can't make them run...........theres a few 6 cyl. records still out there.............

And you can do the forced induction systems (blower and turbos) on those motors and make as much or more than the V8s....the sky is the limit....:cool:
And the Torque..........go to a place called Inliners......they got all kinda crazy stuff there............I 'm a HAMB'er also.........check out some of the stuff there on 6's, though you gotta excuse some of the guys there though..........:rolleyes:
Thanks guys, for the photo also, sweet ride!

I'm pretty excited about it. What gave me the idea is a few years ago I got my a** wooped by one. I have a 67 Chevelle thats well built and I got a little cocky because normally I can wip a lot of cars until I met an old guy with a straight six. Well......we got to talking and I was pretty sure he was full of sh** about what he was telling me and the torque numbers seemed like a lot of bull also. Neddless to say we raced just outside of town and he sent me back to preschool. Lessoned learned:eek:

The best part was the sound, never would I have imagined they could ever sound that great. Over the years I have been learning about them and reading about the Chevy 250 and Ford 300 but am far from an expert. Those are the moments in life you never forget, nor have my buddies, we still laugh about it.

I built a Dodge Slant 6 (225) and it was fast. I could hang with small blocks pretty good. They never lost me. Then my Dad built his in his 73 Duster while I was away in the service and when I got home he wooped my a$$ with his. I was in my truck with the 350 4bbl. Needless to say I couldn't let him have the last word so I built a 327. Now we don't play no more.;)
Great story, ha! You know what they say about the slant six right? It's the "leaning tower of power". All kidding aside, a good a$$ woop'n is a good thing every now and again.:rolleyes:

Not to mention you have 7 main bearings instead of 5 for the V-8. My Dad has always bought 6's except for the family station wagon that would have to tow the trailer for vacations. I was so tired of 6's, 170 CID in the '63 Falcon, 200 CID in the '67 Falcon. He bought me a car for college, I got to pick it, but it had to be a 6 also. So I pulled a fast one on him and choose a 1968 Pontiac Firebird with an OHC 6, stock 4 barrel Q-jet, and a 4 speed. He didn't know it was rated at 235 hp. Great car too.
Only way I would use a inline 300 would be if it had a rollercam in it..

I can tell you from experience, the cost of building a performance inline can be more than a small block..check out a place called Clifford Performance, and a lot of the stuff you see used, can be bought new for close to the same price.. People can be pretty proud of the inline performance stuff..

If it were me. I would use the small block. To get the power out of the inline that you would out of the small block, plus if you ever decided to sell, it'll sell better with the smallblock.

Think of it like this, 300 inline is gonna start off stock at about 150hp if your lucky,a 327 gonna start out about 250hp, your already in the hole 100hp with an inline..

Spend close to $1000 on each shortblock and you'll be way ahead on the v8... Just my opinion.
like the grille..the shroud not so much :confused:. Love the motor though! Nice bucket, but wanting a bit mush considering some of the finish.
Yeah, the shroud kind of kills the look. After seeing the potos, i'm more pumped then ever before. Good find!

How about this
Brucer is right, as far as the bang per cylinder, and for the buck.........if you want a cruiser thats different,.......go to the Inliners photos section, about 3 or 4 pages back.....theres a 300 6cyl. that has the blower mounted on top of a offy intake (top of intake completely milled out), mild cam, headers, electronic ignition, blower, 450 horses @ 4600RPM, 500 on the torque guage also...............:cool:
Here's some numbers for ya..........
SBC V-8, w/ $1000......good cruiser and runner good for about 375 to 450 horses.........
300-6 or a 292-6, w/$1000......good cruiser or runner for about 300-400 horses........
But.....when you ride up with that 6........folks will look!, because its different.........

Stock smallblock Chevy with a $3400 6-71 blower kit installed....everyday dependable driver 550 horses under your foot, on-call-all-the-time......good to fair gas milage, depends on how hard you press on the 'go fast' pedal..........
Stock 300-6 with a $2500 blower setup.......450 to 500 horses, good, dependable daily driver, and a real eye catcher!

Six cylinder supercharged and turbocharged motors have powered cross country trucks durably, cheaply, for the past 70+ years, :cool:
Hey Screamin Metal, what's up?

I was coming up with the same kind of numbers. The thing for me is i'm not made of money but I am willing to spend money where it matters and I think the inline is gonna cost me more than my 327 because I have Chevy transmissions and a bunch of parts. For my bucket project I would like to keep it all Ford, no particular reason I just think it would be pretty cool that way. I'm really liking the inline for one reason only; looks. I think if I did it right and paid close attention to each and every detail it would come out looking great.

If anybody comes accross a vintage rod with an inline, or has any neat vintage looking ideas or tricks could you please post it, every idea or photo helps. Thanks


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