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Found this "gem" on a rat forum


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Did the parking lights stay on with the headlights before? If so, look for a shorted headlight bulb or short in the wireing.
Hey Track-T what is stuff like this........

thanks Al, After a long thread about this on the other board
he found out it he had a bad connection on his flasher.

Guess I'll getting old and cranky these days,On other boards I'm always seeing posts from "builders" on "what color should I paint my wheels"
and other gems, Or "how much rust on the rear fender should I have"

People only want to fit in the "rat rod" club are trying to only build using
old worn out parts because they think that was how it was done in the "day". They have problems changing oil,And have big problems with
axles and bump steer.
It is true we used what we had on hand and it was sometimes worn out,
But we knew how to rebuild the parts and make them look new.
We first worked on going fast and added shiny stuff as we had money.
A rod might take awhile to get painted and nice interiors But 90% of the
time would not be primer for long.

Look at Norms car,His was built back in the "day" and was normal for the
time and set the standard for T buckets to this day.

I know most learn, But should know the basic's before starting.
Track-T, I've been off the site for such a long time it just flew right over my head.:eek:


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