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Four bar mounting + Vega Steering?


I'm still playing around with different ideas while I wait for my engine to arrive but I've a couple of questions, hopefully simple?

1. Can I turn a Vega box round (so its on it's side) and use it for side steer instead of cross steer? (Thinking right hand drive here) It seems to move in the correct direction, just wondered if there could be any problems (are they filled with oil for example?) I would probably need a pitman arm with a bend in, are there similar spines on different types or are they all different?

2. I've got a total performance axle with hair pins but I want to use four bars instead.

Do I need to support the rod end on both sides i.e. get a second bracket welded to the axle to fix to the other side. Likewise should the chassis end rod be fixed both sides. I've seen some with a large washer and single sded mounting.

The four bar kits seem to support both ends but are a lot thinner material.


Thanks in advance. Pete
There should be a sandwich bracket on the axel for bushed ends. There is a little too much stress on the bolt with a single 3/8" plate. You should be able to add another plate to the outside of the one that's already there. 1/4" material could be used there. the frame brackets have a tube for the bolt to go thru so another bracket won't be necessary. The tube is there to spread the stress out over a larger area.

As for the Vega steering box, I don't have one handy at the moment but you can mount these in any position. They have grease in them so it won't leak out.

I can't help you with the Vega question but I may be able to help with the four link front. I had a Speedway Motors T with four link and Vega cross steering. The bars were mounted on the outside of the frame with a bolt through the frame at the top and to a bracket (Speedway part 916-35050 or 916-35051) for the bottom link. The front axle had a bracket (Speedway part 916-35012) mounted parallel to the spring behind axle bracket with the rod end bolted in between. Everything mounted securely and I never had any issues.

Why do you want right-hand drive? Left hand drive is a lot more exciting in a right hand drive country. I had an Austin-Healey Sprite when I lived in England and I had no problem adjusting to the driving on the other side of the road but I had a friend with a left-hand drive Volvo who scared me half to death every time I rode with him.

I've been to Bedford a few times. I lived in Leiston in Suffolk at the time and was based at RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge. There was a pub along the main road there in Bedford that we would stop at going to and from Silverstone. If I remember correctly it was along a river and had a patio with a short brick wall around it in front of the building. I really got used to drinking bitter while I was there. Cheers......Steve
Thanks Ron, you really are like an walking encyclopedia. I was going thinking of getting the additional plate the same thickness (3/8) just to keep it looking symmetrical even if its a bit over engineered.

der Spieler I've driven RHD cars all my life so I'm used to it. It's going to be manual with 400bhp so I think I'll have enough to worry about without anything else. lol

The pub you describe sounds like where our monthly cruise meets, right by the River in Bedford.

Could it be this one?


There is a prize every month chosen from someone in the pub, who know nothing about cars! I tried to find a photo of the month I won but it was dark when I got my prize and the photo's were not good.

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