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hi everybody!! just joined today. it's funny how you go from one site to another and find the one you really want! i am on alot of other sites, but t's are what i build mostly. i have built probably about 7 of them. i mean i build all of it. i build my own frames, engine mounts, spring hangers, axles, shorten rear ends, all the fiberglass work( i like glass work!!) crazy huh? anyway, i build mostly race car altereds but my first love was street t's. i have just about finished another t also. before i retired i started buying all the glass bodies i could afford of all kinds of cars. i have '23's, '27's, '29's, '32 austin bantams, fiat topolino, '33 willys (pickup and coupe) and a '23 t mold. i have a large aray of tools to performs these majic tricks too. i also race a '32 austin-bantam, flathead powered altered in a nostalgia race series. i came in 2nd in points last year too!! i race againist 10 second altereds mostly as my brothers '23 t is second slowest to me at 11.03 seconds. well anyway, i am glad i found this site. oh yea, i also lived in texas in 1970 in the army.
OK guys, no drooling over Gary's flatties. (I already beat you all to it! :drool:)

Gary, the Topolinos just had their own look, didn't they? A pal of mine back here in Indiana raced one in A/A for years, before moving on to a TA/FC. His old car and the Joe Mondello Fiat that Sush Matsubara drove were a couple of my all-time favorites. But wait, what about the old Prock & Howell Willys? Oops, I'm showing my age... :eek:


I'm a newbie too.:welcome:

lots of nice folks here, with alot of great info and experience.

lived in TX, well.....I guess that qualifies you.

Glad you made it! There's nothing like seeing new arrivals. Make yourself at home and please share your knowledge when you can. It looks like you've got quite a bit.
Hi, and Welcome,
I just can't forget the statement "T-Buckets are the original Hot Rods". I think I am a "T" person for life, and loved seeing a Pro Street Topolino come to our Sat. night cruise in Phoenix. Hope to see you in Springfield in a couple months!! :cool:

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