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front axle


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I am a fairly new member. I have been studying the info available here. It is very useful. I warn you now I know a lot more about hot rods than computer and this is my first attempt. Hope I am doing it right. I am considering building a bucket. I am looking for the distance between backing plates on an assembled 48" axle. If that info is available could you guide me to appropriate thread. Or maybe someone has that info and can share it with me. Thanks in advance for your help. GEORGE
About 51-1/2" or so. From the center of the kingpin boss to the face of the spindle is 1-3/4".

Thanks for your help. I get lost when I am using computer and was not sure I did this right. I am much better off in the garage than on a computer.
Practice, practice, practice...That's all it takes.


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