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We went to a car show Saturday and the local paper came out and did a feature article, and we made the front page. I am pretty happy about that. You can't see it very well but I got the Bucketeers, Tee on.

The Mountain Press

Kool !! Ron...
:hooray::hooray::hooray:Nice going. You deserve the recognition.

It looks like you are thinking of another bracket to cut.

Thumbs up Ron!
Way to go Ron! Always fun to get some recognition, especially if youve earned it..
Whats more fun than a cruise and raising money for a good cause? Also getting kids involved in hotrodding
Thats great RPM.....Hey just to let you know I'll be coming to your area next weekend to pick up the bodies at Hermans. I just might try to swing by your location.

P.S. how long is the body on a Touring T anyway. I might need to bring a larger trailer to pick it up.

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