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Front tube shock help?


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:)I'm working on a 24T cpe with stock front fenders and tube axle. I want to make brackets for tube shocks but can't seem to find what shock lengths I need to look for. I know I have seen some fairly short ones before. Anyone here done something like this that can clue me in? I thank you in advance.


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So much depends on your setup, but I'd say like one of these pro street shocks from speedway motors


Pro Street Rod Shocks Non Coil-Over
if you can find 'em the front shocks from a '49 plymouth work really good. i like to use the standard shock. the heavy duty's are a little to stiff to my thinking. get your shocks before making your brackets thought. sounds funny but have seen guy doit the other way around and they had to make a second set of mounts.

Thanks so much. I will look into all of these options. The 49 plymouth shocks sound interesting.


What a cool pic gallery on this build! Good work.
nice work fourty!!! great to see t fenders being used. very nice project!!


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