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Got a Bad Cold!!

Johnny Angel

New Member
:)Weather here has been changing from warm to cold and back again so I went and got me an early fall cold....its a good thing I come from the hills because I know exactly what to do to cure it.....come to think of it I know several several ways.

Make a tea from powered ginger or ground up ginger roots, dont boil the tea just add the powered root to a cut of hot water...add some honey and whiskey if you like.

Boil pine needles to make a strong tea

Parch red pepper in front of a fire. Powder it, make a tea and add to pure white corn liquor

Drink a whiskey and honey mix.

If these things wont cure a cold you wont mind having it too much because of all of the whiskey....funny seems like a lot of grand pappys mountain cures contained whiskey
Sounds like the main ingredient in those recipes are meant to make you forget you have a cold and go to sleep.:lol:

Is it still a DUI if you tell the cop you were drinking tea?:confused::lol:

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