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Guess it's the week for Newbies from Florida


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hello all, name is Red and i'm in Fort Meade, Florida. I am looking to build my first t and found this site. I have a 52 Chevy that runs most of the time. Chevy Stovebolts are top with me and I enjoy working on them.

I have been getting parts together off and on and was wondering if anyone has run a chevy 6 with a 3 speed in a t? in my mind, i have it planned by wonder what people did for the clutch linkage. i was leaning toward hyd over mechanical just to simplify making it actually work.

anyway, look forward to meeting you all. thanks, red
Welcome to the forum Red! I'm sure you're going to like it here. I've looked at a couple of cars with Stovebolts in them. Looks like the easiest way to use a stick would be to use the daul master cylinder out of an early Chevy pickup with it's slave cylinder. Just remember to switch the metering valve out of the clutch side to the other side if you mount the m/c on the frame. We'll be here if you have any questions.

Welcome from Orlando...

FLORIDA'S TAKING OVER.....First this board then the WORLD.......:razz:
I donno...between the Florida faction and the Texas faction....?

I never did well with factions in school, was OK but not math...
Welcome from Oviedo.

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