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Hello 2 everyone


New Member
Hi there my name is Laz from west palm beach, Florida. and after 27 years I finally got my first T-bucket. Hope to see you a some car shows.
Thanks for the cool place to talk to other T-bucket owners.

:cool: Laz..
Welcome to the site. You'll find a few more Florida guys here. Tell us about your T. Got pictures?

:lol: WELCOME :)
Welcome Laz, congrats on your bucket. :cool: Now you gotta show her off. :lol:
Welcome from Orlando....
Welcome from Oviedo, Florida.
Welcome from Wisconsin. I spent about ten years raising hell in the Okeechobee woods, some of the most fun I have ever had. They were starting to pave over them when I left in 93, probably completely gone by now, real shame.:sad:

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