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Hello from NJ


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Hello all. I am Mike, one of the owners of, But I actually love the Bucket T more than any other ride. Ive hade 73 and 74 Novas, 95 GT40 mustang GT, 65 GTO with the 400ci from a 70Judge I believe it was. It was the rodchester carbed motor. Well My familly and I are planning to move to South Carolina at the end of the 2010 school year. At that point or there about, I will be buying a Bucket. And I cant waite. I hope to learn all I can from this forum...Thanks All

Hi Mike. Great forum here! lot of good people. Ask a question and you will get plenty of answers!
Welcome to the site Mike> Ther's a lot of onfo here that will help you with which way you want to own a T. Do your homework and you should do fine.

Welcome Mike. With the information you'll get, from being involved and asking questions, you will have a wealth of information to assist with your purchase and build.:cool:
Thanks everyone. Im looking to get one with a strong chasis. I would like to start to get and build a Blown BB as soon as august, But Im deff gonna need some info since ive not built my own motor since the late 80s. Thanks for all the kind words, and Im happy to be here...

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