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Hello from PA


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Just thought I would say whats up to everyone on the board. I'm Doug & I'm currently in school for auto in Exton, PA at Automotive Training Center. I've pretty much been into import cars since I got my licence & what not but i've gotten into older cars alot more in the last yr or so. In the next few weeks a friend & I are hoping to pick up a T-Bucket or an older chevy to start a project in our spare time. So I figured i'd join & read up on stuff, maybe get some tips along the way.

Talk to people soon
Ooooooooh, sorry Doug, the forum has banned people from Pennsylvania. :eek:

KIDDING, JUST KIDDING!!!! :):lol: Welcome to the forum. Isn't that in Eastern Pa? I'm from Pittsburgh originally, and it rings a bell, but just can't place it.

You will find a lot of nice, helpful people on this forum to make your project go easier. Look forward to shooting the breeze with you.

(BTW, I moved out of Pa because of the fender and hood I see they have relaxed those requirements. :lol:) also the snow, but that is a different story.

I thought we had a "zero Yankee population growth rule":confused:

thats OK, whats one more:cool:

Welcome to T-bucketeers.

like Don said, lots of great folks here with TONS of info and experience.
always eager to help out.

sit a spell, learn a bunch, teach when ya can.:)

donsrods said:
Isn't that in Eastern Pa? I'm from Pittsburgh originally, and it rings a bell, but just can't place it.

Im on the Philly side of the state. Im about half hr from philly.

but thanks guys, looking forward to learning alot! :)
Welcome to the forum! I think you'll find that there is a wealth of knowledge here. Perhaps the name of the site needs to be, "T Bucket Q&A".:D
hello from ky iam from a little town in pa called honey brook in chester co not far from you . worked in reading for a long time at dana corp. :D
Being from Minnesota, I happy to see another Yankee join up. Welcome to the site. Let us know if we can help in any way.

Welcome from another PA guy.I live in Souderton thats about 25min. from you.If you have any questions about PA rules let me know.

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