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Hello from the Texas Panhandle


Fred Sweet from Dumas Texas .
I have always wanted a T bucket every since I got my first ride in one in 1975 . But life has a way of putting things in order and now finely getting to build a T bucket is at the top of the list ! I bought this T project in February 2008 It has been setting in a barn since 2003 after being torn down and repainted it was never put back together. My goal is to make it a driver for this summer then add the shinny stuff and modifications this winter .
Hey! welcome aboard rocknT!
Just keep on plugging away at the T and it will be done soon!
My dauighter had the grin for a half hour last night after her quick ride. lol
Welcome aboard Rock. You know me as KOALA T on the NTBA. Hang in there and we'll get you wired up.
Welcome, have fun with your build. :dance:
Howdy from Amarillo:D

good luck on your build, post some pix if ya can, we like pix!!

you ever get down this way??
prolly do I bet.
have you been to the monthly cruise-in at Hillside and Bell??

look forward to meeting you, since we are neighbors:cool:


:rolleyes: Welcome from Oregon. Dumas, been thru there many times, nice little place.
Re: Welcome

It's all about living the dream and enjoying life... congratulations on your find and hope you enjoy the heck out of your fun little car... (no offence meant... all our T's are fun little cars)!

I only have one word of caution... TfeverFred is infectious with his enthusiasm... but if you're not careful, he'll have ya driving around with a plastic jerrycan for a fuel cell!


(note to Fred... The electrical gods made me do this!)


Re: Hey RocknT...

Thanks Guy's
I have found a wealth of information on here . It is a great forum . With a supper bunch of guy's who have been there done that and can help a noobee like me save lots of time and lots of money . Thanks for all the help and thanks for sharing your experiences.
Re: Hey RocknT...

Nice project.You got a good start on your T good luck.

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