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Hello from Upstate New York


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Hello All, Just a few lines to say I'm NEW to the "T" scene. I have a TEN Million questions and very few answers. Like where to buy from and what to buy. My WIFE tells me this is the wrong time to take on a project, but I'm tired of sitting on the porch and watching all those old Fords roll by.
and Your not the only grumpy old man,You haven't meet Ted Brown yet. :confused:
There are a lot of great people on this site.some really know there stuff. and
will tell you too!.Start asking and you will get the info your looking for.
:) As long as you feel like taking on a project go for it. I will soon be 70years old (yikes where have the years gone) been working on and geathering parts for three years should finish sometime this winter. A project can be as simple or as complicated as your wants and or finances will allow :D
Welcome GrumpyOldMan from another grumpy old man (I'm 66). On this forum if you're under 50 you're in the minority LOL.
I am part of the minority I guess only 47. Welcome Rpm is a good source for parts. Are you looking at build or buying some thing already done or paying to have your bucket. If the last is your choice Spirit industries one of our sponsors builds excellent rides.
Welcome GrumpyOldMan, from a former grump. Been out of the Hot Rod scene for over 20 years, that was what made me grumpy. Recently purchased a finished Track-T from the original builder. Now I'm not grumpy anymore. This guy is a retired Special Effects Tech for Hollywood for 32 years and his fabrication skills shine through on his (now mine) '23 Track-T. Even buying someone else's car, you will no doubt personalize to suit your tastes. All that I've been doing to my new ride is trying to give the engine a little tamer street manners. You are going to love the power to weight ratio of these cars. Fastest car I've ever owned, but also the most controlable when you exceed traction limits. Weight 1790 lbs at some where north of 400 hp. If you decide to buy someone else's T, try to buy from the original builder and also a seasoned car, i.e. 5000 or more miles. Mine has been on the road 15 years so all the bugs are worked out. With the economy in the toilet, and savings interest rates at an insulting low, this is the best time to buy. Five years or so down the road when the economy has recovered, you could sell your T and pocket a lot more than the 1.7% interest I'm getting on my savings. Just my .02 cents worth. I've had a lot of cars over the years and none have been near as fun as this one.

Hellooooooooooo and Welcome to the best T Bucket info site going... yes I can really be a grump at times I reckon, don't really want to be, just happens. :) Bob has the right idea, buy a seasoned car, and then make it your own from there is probably the cheapest way to go, unless you have a full shop at your beckon call...and can do 99% of the work yourself, then still it may be cheaper to buy a complete running street car... Dreams are what keep us alive.. ride safe :D

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