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Hi! All

Gotta Be Chevy

New Member
New Guy from Syracuse Ind. :welcome:
I am a former Racer who finally got smart I guess,Decided that If I was going to spend so much money on a hobby,I'd rather spend it on something that I could leave to my Son.
I do have a 23t and it is in baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad shape,Before I got into racing I had tossed around the idea of building a streetrod, But chose racing instead hoping for bigger things That never happened, So I retired from that and Bought a t-bucket off of a guy I knew. So happens I always wanted one of these. I Too am a T-bucket Rookie and like Kitsan I am a First timer on a forum like this, Have checked it out several times and I find it to be very informative. So as I am going to rebuild my T I hope to get a lot of questions answered and hope no one gets tired of the questions.
Also I don't get on here much so if somebody has an answer,Don't feel BAD If I don't reply very quick. Also I don't type very quick either
I guess my main thing is I'm hoping for lots of help. So thanks in advance for any given.:rofl::):):):):):)
Welcome to the forum Gotta Be Chevy, you've come to the right place if you're looking for answers. Keep in mind when trying to describe a problem your having or asking for help a picture works better then 3 pages of type.
Post up some pics and we'll help all we can. Welcome to the board.
Welcome to the site. Great place to pick up ideas on a build and get answers.

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