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HI from Australia


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Hi Guys
Scotty G from Brassknuckle Hot Rods on the Gold Coast in Australia, I am new to the forum but not new to T buckets I specialise in T Buckets once I get a hang on using this site I will post a few pics of some the stuff I do or you can check out my website anytime
Its great to see so many people in love with T's
Welcome, Nice web site. What would cost to get a T-Shirt to the USA ?

thanks guys for the kind words unfortunatley we are policed a lot harder over here by the dmv etc and they limit some of the stuff I would love to do but hey what ya gunna do, as for the cost to send t-shirts I willfind out I'm usually bringing stuff in not sending it out so i will check and let you know
One thing I can never quite figure - you Aussies exist on the edge of a dry desert land and your hot rods have fenders, and we island dwellers 1200 miles away in New Zealand live in what seems like a swamp, and we run fenderless.

Mind you a bunch of us came over for the 2007 Nostalgia drags at Willowbank, and your drought broke that weekend....
yeah dont get me started on fenders they are the biggest topic of complaint over here at the moment nothing wrecks the look of a cool bucket or hiboy like fenders,one inspector said to me once its to stop people getting hurt by a spinning tyre whatda #$%^ if your that close to the tyre when its spinning you deserve to get hurt another said its for stone chips etc or flying stones back at cars behind you man i have had a few broken windscreens from normal fully fendered cars so that argument doesnt fly and here on the gold coast it has rained on and off all year actually it is now raining as i speak(type)

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