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how to make winter shorter..


Just messin around getting the feel for these forums and what Im capable of doing..
This is in retaliation to donsrods now infamous beach pictures. lolol
Come on up to minnesota! the waters fine!!
No thanks, I can count rain days here this winter on one hand.
Oh Wow! The wife and I were in Hitterdale Mn. this past summer! We passed though on our way across the country on a bike trip. It was around the forth of July I think, just after the flooding around Fargo. We covered about 4400 miles on that trip. We mostly camped out, but got a cheap room from time to time.

Who knows maybe we passed by each other, we don't blend in on the bike we ride, it has a wheelbase of 106" and people tend to notice it. Heres a photo taken just before we crossed over into Mn. The car right behind the bike is a Smart car that we found in a parking lot, just had to get a photo with it and the bike! The cute kick stand is my wife Jan.

But I think I'll pass on the Polar Bear Plunge.
Not too often you meet someone who has actually been here!
Just a sleepy little dirtfeild town surrounded by acres of potholes..
I could never live down in fargo, too many water problems, gotta be up in the hills. We get a few cyclists coming thru here, close to the lakes and the U.S. 10 corridor. occasionally camp in the city park. Got a cousin whos idea of a vacation is to bike across a state ot two, was wyoming last year.. She had an incident and ended up with a concussion so her trip was over. Cool bike tho! Next time thru stop in!

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