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How to post pictures


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OK, so you've got some really good images of your latest T-Bucket project on your computer and you want to display them here. Stick with me, because it really isn't that difficult to display them here.

Step 1 - The image has to be stored on the Web, before you can display it here. Either store it on your own Web site, or use one of the Web photo album sites. If you want to use a Web-based album, I recommend Photobucket, as they are one of the easiest to link from. Not all album sites allow hot-linking, so be aware.

Step 2 - Once you have the image stored on the Web, point your browser to the image and right-click on the image. When the menu opens, click on Copy Image Location. Or, you can click on Properties and write down the Location of the image, which will be the address your browser is sitting on.

Step 3 - Log into your account here at the T-Bucket Forums and Post a New Thread, or Reply to an existing post. If you have your images stored on Photobucket, skip this next step and go to Step 5.

Step 4 - Up there in that menu panel, above the text entry window, you will see a tiny picture icon, that looks like
. If you click on that icon, it will ask you to insert the URL of your image. Either paste the copied address or type in the address you wrote down. (Two things to be careful of - the address must be the COMPLETE address, complete with the http:// and the forum software is expecting you to use an image extension at the end of the address, like .jpg, .gif, etc.)

Once you fill in that address, you will see it appear in the text entry window, with IMG tags surrounding it.
The first tag tells the software to get ready to display an image and the second tag tells the software that it has reached the end of the picture.

If you are like me, you will get used to simply typing in the image tags
, rather than clicking on the icon. Both ways work equally well.

Step 5 - This one is for Photobucket members only. Log into your Photobucket account and go to the picture you want to post. Beneath that picture, there are three lines, identified as Url, Tag and Img.

You can copy the URL and then insert it into IMG tags. You cannot use the Tag, because the Webmaster doesn't allow HTML in forum posts. But, to make life easy for you, you can copy the IMG information and simply paste it into the text entry window. Photobucket has already wrapped up the image address in the IMG tags you need, so it's easy-peasy.

OK, so if I want to show you a picture to explain why trees are problematic in high winds and I know the picture is stored here - - then it's a simple matter of typing the following -


Of course that would all go on one line, with no spaces. But if I did that, you wouldn't see the IMG tags, all you would see is this picture -


See, I told you not to park near that tree, it might storm...

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to drop the Webmaster or myself a Private Message and we'll help you out.

So, where are all the T-Bucket pictures???
What do you do when it rains? You get wet!


I love teh

(first post - w00t!)
I see some of you are questioning how to re-size photo images. If you are looking for an effective and surprisingly powerful piece of software, I recommend IrfanView.

I have PhotoShop on this box, yet when I need to edit an image, I open up IrfanView.

And did I mention that it is a free download?
Lets see if this works.I just click in the image and click upload.Pretty easy.That other stuff is to time consuming.This pic is my cowel area.Who knows what that winged eye ball is?
Rick said:
Lets see if this works.I just click in the image and click upload.Pretty easy.That other stuff is to time consuming.This pic is my cowel area.Who knows what that winged eye ball is?

It's a tad small, but I'm no expert at this either.:lol:

Is that eyeball a tribute to the Dutchman?
Have you tried using Photobucket? It seems to be the best way. Set the size to the Message board size and then load them up. It will make them a bit larger. Click and copy the IMG and paste them here. If you are taking your time, set the text box on here to Preview Post, otherwise it will log you out.

I hope this helps. Very nice bucket!
Rick, I read your Gallery description and you are certainly correct in saying a 162 MB image is too big. :eek: Wow, how large is a 162 MB image?

I've checked into it and the vBPicGallery upload limit is 100 kB.

I typically shoot images at 1280 X 960 and they are generally sized around 535-550 kB. That is KILObytes, not MEGAbytes.

Most forum software is going to have its style whacked by loading an image any wider than 640 pixels, so I use a free image editor, called IrfanView to resize images I plan to use online down to 640 X 480.

The image of Brian backing the blue T into a parking place at Total came off the camera's memory stick at 1280 X 960 and was 536 kB. I opened the image in IrfanView and resized it to 640 X 480 and the resulting file size is 74.3 kB. Well within the vBPicGallery upload limitation.

IrfanView can be downloaded HERE. As a matter of fact, I just checked and they have recently upgraded to version 4.0, so I upgraded while I was there. ;)
Ok these are 640x480 lets see how they do Mike
you've seen the engine, heres the goal

pic stolen from pae's website


"1926 Ford model T bucket roadster (Steel Body). Running 425ci Buick with T400 Switch Pitch Tranny. 12.19 at 109mph. early 1980's."-Again stolen from the PAE website
Ok, got a gallery up.

whoever set that thing up give them a pat on the back, its easyer to use than photobucket.
Mike, I managed to get one picture loaded into my gallery. I don't know how I did it, but it turned out to be a thumbnail print. Tell's me to click on print to enlarge, but no way to enlarge it. I'm at a complete loss on how to do this. Sorry:eek:


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