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Howdy Everybody from Missouri

Johnny Angel

New Member
Just an into for myself, Johnny Angel..some of you may know me, some may not, I have been around a long time building cars since the late '60's got side tracked somewhere working in show business as a DJ at lots and lots of radio stations, picker and grinner in stage shows, got old and figured out that I needed to get back to what I liked doing...building custom cars and hot rods, and DJing regional car events...sold my '58 Chevy...looking for someting to build, built several Tbuckets in the past so I figured what the heck...sure glad I ran into I might need a little tech help.

Johnny Angel
Hey Johnny Angle, Welcome to the site. I've been doin' T for a long time too. Not much has changed, Just have to source parts from different places now. Tell us want you have in mind. Old bucketeers always have some lind of build in the back of there head.

Being old(er) I remember a time when building a Tbucket you had to scrounge for what you put into it, now of course it is lots easier with all the fiberglass reproductions...guess it makes it an easier build these days. I like old school hot rods so my new one will have to at least have the old look, flat black, red wheels, wide whites, white roll and tuck interior, 283 cu in Chevy with three two barrel carbs and a 3/4 race cam...better yet a nail head with three two barrels..kinda like the Tommy Ivo Tbucket used in the movie The Choppers,

Second choice is a Phone Booth, found a producer of a fiberglass chopped and channeled body.

Johnny Angel
So Johnny. Was your 58 Chevy a white convertible with the outline of a guitar with "Johnny Angel" painted in it in blue on the rear quarters? Just kidding. There used to be a kid around here in the early 60s who had a 54 Ford convert with the guitar and the name "Terry Teen" on the rear quarters of his. He had allegedly made a couple of records somewhere. I don't think I ever heard one. Welcome aboard. You'll have a good time here. Where'd you find the Phone Booth body? Steve
I have been using the name Johnny Angel for so many years now that
I have almost forgotten my real name! I sure miss my '58 Chevy, built it in 1991, drove and showed it until 2 years ago when a young fellow offered me
a good sum, so I sold it....sad to say I ran saw the car in Mt Home AR
on the way to the Buckethead Bash....paint had been skinned off, rust popping out all over, thin primer sprayed all over the place....dang...hope it just doesnt sit there for another 2 years, it had a forsale sign on it...for two times what I sold it for...

I found a place that is producing '27 Phone Booths, with a 4 inch chop and a 4 inch channel over their frame price was not out of line with other fiberglass bodies, they also make a '25 Tbucket and some '32's and '34's.

Russ Nomore in LA.
we might learn from you or you might learn from us either way we have a lot of fun here welcome aboard :lol:
Photo of my '58, one of those wish I had kept it cause it s now sitting on a used car
lot, rusting away, all primered, priced way tooooo high
I was thinking of the flat black as a temporary color but two things came to mind. One, that color combo is gettin' beat to death by the rat rodders and two, back in the day, if you were running primer around here, it was red oxide. Now there is a gallon of PPG exp-901 sittin' on the shelf.

As much as a economical build goes, you just can't beat a sbc. At the same time a nailhead looks awesome in full dress. I was thinking of either one of those or a Y-block for my '27. When the factory rebuilt 292 showed up I just couldn't walk away for $300. Glad I did go with it now. The 3-2 manifold for it was half the price of a nailhead unit.

I know what the flat black paint being over done these days, I had in mind maybe
John Deere Blitz Black, not quite flat black, it has more of a simi gloss quality about it,
more like real black paint that has some unwaxed age about it. Friend runs a Tbucket
in Zchrome, looks ok. The last Tbucket I did.. I did it up Lace with Lighter green and yellow thats been a hundred years ago

Johnny Angel
Welcome Johnny............ :lol:

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