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Who Is Going To Bakersfield Show?

Johnny Angel

New Member
Just checking to see who and how many Tbuckets we can get at the Bakersfield Missouri Car show Sept. 13th, 08. It is a good town sponsored event that is open to almost all kinds of vehicles, including Tbuckets, in the past years there has been a number of T's there, buckets, phone booths, and '27 roadsters....seems to me that there is a red/orange Tbucket that has won gold there...I will be there spinning the stax of wax after a years layoff last year it will be good to be doing the music for them.

The event takes up both sides of the main drag, in two church parking lots, and there is a huge park with a stage incase there is a larger than expected turnout.
September 13, a good day to cruise up from Mtn Home AR area, south east from Springfield MO area, due west from TN....located on highway 101 20 Minutes north east of Mountain Home Ar. Caution, state police sets up a check point at Caufield MO. in the afternoon.
where Rt 60 and hwy 101 meet...every year for the past 10....strange how that happens but never heard of a tbucket getting ticketed.

Johnny Angel
JA.. you sure your name isn' Billy?

Billy Angel ??never heard of that cat before...while Johnny Angel is not my given name
I have been using it since I was a rock jock back in1962 at WINA AM ...and as an entertainer on stage....only other Johnny Angel I know of was a Pro wrestler from Canada back in the early 60's...then there was a band by that name that worked the deep south and may even still be working there today. shoot the event promotors where I dj their show give me a check made out to Johnny Angel...and the bank takes it too

Johnny Angel.
Keep those ol' platters spinnin' Johnny! I still love to hear 'em.

If you are headed to Bakersfield this weekend check the weather forecast first, as of today the local forecast is that what is left of IKE will curve southward in MO with most of the heavy rain in the north-west portion of the state but still some rain in the southern parts, right now 60% chance of rain is what the call is for, mostly late Saturday. I will be there rain or shine, last years show was filled with rain too, hope to see some buckets there this year.

Johnny Angel

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