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new guy hear.

I am wanting to build something light weight open top rig.

that will result in Good gas mileage and fun times on my daily drive to work.

i am basically thinking a s10 front end and rear (got them laying around). A 4 cylinder engine of some sort and a fiber glass Tbody.

long low and lite.

so I will be lurking around hear gathering ideas.
Good idea, but rethink using the front end. Check out "Youngsters" frame plans and hang out around here for tons of inspiration and information. Welcome!
think you could go in to more detail on why not to use the front suspension?

other than being nontraditional I see no reason not to use it.

its cheap (free)
endless tuning options
and better handling than a strait axle

its very non traditional but that just doesn't matter to me
I think when you get it done and stand back and look at it, you will not be happy with it. It will be hard to make it look like a custom-built item rather than something you used "because it was free". A t bucket with a dropped axle will usually handle like a go kart because it is so lite and the center of gravity is so low to the ground so the IFS is a non issue. Keep it simple and you will finish faster and start having fun sooner! Just my opinion.
keller said:
... other than being nontraditional I see no reason not to use it...

I suspect he was suggesting it for exactly the reason you mentioned above... A-arm front suspension with torsion bars doesn't say "Roadster" but as you said, can certainly be a functional front end...

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