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I need you to watch this


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In case you didn't notice, I'm a Red Green fan. I need you to watch this video and tell me if you had nothing else better to do, you wouldn't build it.

[ame=[media=youtube]p5Se36147wc[/media] - Red Green Show - K Boat (15)[/ame]
We used to have a guy out here that pulled his stock car on a rig just like this!he spliced an old home made car trailer to I think a Toronado front clip! the resultant rig was detailed better though . Red Green ever drive stock car in New England :D
There was a company here about 10 years ago. They took a 4 wheel drive Chevy Crew Cab with a diesel engine in it. These were brand new. They cut the frame behind the cab. Them add a long straight section and used tandem trailer axles. These had air bag suspension in the back and the flat bed would just lay down on the ground to load and unload. Then you just ran the truck in 4 wheel drive which only had the front differential.
Red Green (aka Steve Smith) is an icon to us Canadian DIY kinda guys.
We're glad some of you non-Canadians "get" Red.
I don't think I missed an episode of the show and still watch the re-runs.
Many times I'd see something he did and thought.. that could work.
Then I think about it and sanity prevails.

If you don't know anyone in your group that is like Red Green.. it's probably because YOU are the one like him. ;)

Key yer stick on the ice!

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