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Instrument Panel Layout Opinions


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This probably belongs in the Bodies forum, but I thought it would get more exposure here. I am going to change out the instrument panel in my Spirit 23T from the 32 style that Spirit supplies to the CCR panel. Nothing wrong with the Spirit panel, but I'm using eight gauges and I don't like the way they lay out on the 32 style with the molded-in oval. So here's my quandry... I can't decide on the spacing of the gauges. When I first did the layout, I liked the wider spacing, but now I think I like the narrower spacing. What do you guys think?...

My own preference is to try to keep the gauges in front of the driver, but you've got a lot of gauges there. Of the three I like the narrow spacing best.
My CCR body has pre centerdrilled spots for gauges. The one i have seen had left to right speedo, tac, and then most important to least important gauges. Had a euro sports car look if that is your thing. Surprising it looked good even though you would think the speedo and tac not in the center would appear unbalanced but that wasnt the case.
Martin said:
My own preference is to try to keep the gauges in front of the driver, but you've got a lot of gauges there. Of the three I like the narrow spacing best.

The T body is narrow enough that all of the gauges are pretty much within line of sight no matter how they are placed. The only exception would be the fuel gauge. I mounted mine on the far right and the angle was such that I couldn't really get an accurate view of it. I should have put it in front of me. A 9 mpg car and a 10 gallon tank makes knowing how much you have in the tank imperative.
I believe any one of the three would be great! For me, my tri-focal glasses would be working overtime to see the last three gages while driving. Guess that is one reason why most every T is different!
What I would do, is once you have the new dash on hand, and/or installed, then I would cut out paper or cardboard circles and tape them on in the different positions. That's the only way you'll know for sure if/how you'll like the layout.
I made a card board template of the dash and layed out the gauges then transfered it to aluminum then used a scotch brite on it,mounted it then used hole saws to cut the holes.This helps to keep the edges crisp on the glass.Hope this helps ya.
Lee, perhaps this picture will help you make up your mind.


There are 2 less gauges but the idea is the same. As for spacing, you are the only guy that needs to be pleased so I say space them to suit yourself. The only other thing to consider is how well you can view the "critical" gauges from your driving position.
Thanks for all the input guys. I already have the dash insert... I used it to get the measurements to do the scale drawing in AutoCAD. I had planned on printing out a full-scale hard copy (it's nice having a big plotter at the office!) and cutting out the part that fits into the recess on the dash. Just thought I'd get some input on the spacing since I didn't have a strong opinion about that. I've decided to go with the closer spacing.

Another nice thing about being able to do a full-scale print-out is I can have AutoCAD mark the centers for all of the cut-outs, then I can tape the print-out to the dash and pilot-drill the centers.

The real challenge is going to be cutting out the old panel and glassing in the new one. Hey Chris (Mr T Bucket), how are you fiberglassing skills?!?!?

When I set my dash in place... I used blue painters tape to hold it in position... then I used glass strips on the back side and let it set up... kinda like tacking it in place... removed the blue tape from the front side then glassed... make sure you scuff up the gel coat real good... I used Cat Hair and finish bondo to blend... I also recessed the area for the posts...

Lee_in_KC said:
Hey Chris (Mr T Bucket), how are your fiberglassing skills?!?!? it have to be pretty? LOL.

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