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Its Here!!

Let me give you a hand. Using HTML won't work.



I tore down the engine and front suspension the next day. The first day was looking through all the boxes of parts!!
Looks and sounds like Christmas in August! Let the fun begin! That's a great start.

Here's an update: I have the motor tore down and it looks great! Now its time for paint prep.


First problem found...


A crack in the bottom of the trans!
Here's an update:

I decided to tear down the motor completly and have it hot tanked, and bored so off to the machine shop it goes.

Sorry fuzzy pic.

The frame has been sanded and is ready for the first coat!

I spent alot of time on the heads, cant afford a new set so Im going to rebuild this set.
Won't be long now!

It looks like you have coil spring rear suspension. That is what I have on mine pretty rough ride..At this point in your build this would not be that hard to change. Alot of people on here prefer coilovers for ride quality. Some thing You might want to put up a poll of what rear suspension rides best. As you know most buckets are not know for ride quality.
If you have Corvair coils you can swap in Chevette rear coils and soften the ride up a bit. Coil overs will give you a much better ride and adjustablity. They are worth the money. These are the ones I use;

Carrera Street Rod Coil-Overs (12-3/8")


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