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jim shepard

jim shepard

New Member
hi everyone jimmy shepard here from New York,,i have a 23 t bucket bought it two weeks ago

I also have a 50 ford f 1 pick up
and a 65 chevy super sport convertible
the pick up was my favorite but now this t bucket is really something has a small block with the holly 4 barrel
i ordered a bunch of stuff from total,and im experiencing a bad rattle from i think the panhead bar,im thinking about replacing it ,the noise started after i owned it a week
Hi there Jimmy Shepard. Welcome to the site. If you don't have a Speedway catalog yet, you might want to get one. Lots of stuff in there too. Pictures?

hello jim from ky. jim i bought a lot of parts for my T from speedway and never had a problem with anything from them that also goes for summit. :D
:D WELCOME JIM :lol: Anywhere near Ossining? Summit and Speedway get my vote also. Both great to deal with.

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