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Leaf Spring rear

Well I think it would have to be quite a long wheel base to make this work.... You building a Touring tub? I don't think you would have enough room in the rear for long spring's. your rear wheels would end up in front of your doors. Thats just how I see it....
Try contacting Classic Performance Products. They have adds in Rod & Custom, Maybe adaptable??? Thats all I could find. :cool:
The other thing that may be cool is to cut it in half and use half on each side like Ex-Junk did on his front end??? That may be way out there but what the heck!:cool:
I'm with ya on that. I've learnt more about computers on this sight than I ever dreamed of knowing. Bad part is I will forget by tomorrow and have to start the whole process again. :cool:
We used the paralell springs off an old Toyota on John Jr's car. It has a long bed with the gas tank behind the rear end

this is an early pic whithout the bed bits:D
so far it seems to work:eek:
the problems with a parallel leaf setup is the length. if you cut them down they get to stiff. i have always liked model A front springs as they are about 36". i have used them on the front of several gasser type cars i have built and they ride very well.
jmr, yours would look just to cool if you put a turtle deck on it too. i have always liked the turtle decks on the '23 t's but, i don't think they look as good when the rear end is to far up to the body, as if it had a pickup box instead. to explain that better, like an altered '23 T drag car. as you know, the body gets cut out for the narrowed rear end tires.
I have used Model A front springs on a 3 spring vintage dirt car chassis and it worked out great. 1 in front and 2 for the rear. Kicked the rails like a '31 Chevy frame then mounted the springs to the outside of the rails. I think you'll find them to be 31" long.

I don' have any pic of that frame and i've lost contact with the owner over the years but i'll look for some examples that i referenced from.

to be honest, I don't at this time remember. 36-40" I think.:sad:
of course, you'll find the length is in relation to how much ark is in the spring too. very little ark, spring is long, big ark, spring is shorter. i couldn't remember the exact length in my other post, it seemed to me, now that i think about it, most of the stock ones were about 32" but then who's counting?

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