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Looking for quality body with door


New Member
Hello fellow bucketeers....I'm in search of information for a new body for my old bucket. The requirements are quite simple:

1. Opening door...two would be nice, but one will be suffiecient.

2. Longer in the cowl for my long legs.

3. Wider so that I may enjoy elbow room

4. Longer bed so that I might be able to unload my trailer

5. This new body MUST my existing frame...yes I know I "may" have to modify it a bit, but I will NOT go through the aggravation of building an entire new frame.

So any thoughts here would be greatly appreciated. One item of note..please do not suggest CCR. They are NOT on my list of good vendors.

Thanks for your input.

Mr. Duck
I have to agree about CCR. Anyway I don't see how you could put a stretched body on a standard frame. My body has been stretch 8" and widened 6" and sets on a 120" wheelbase. You might be able to stretch one 2-3" and not use a longer frame.
Hey Donald, there's a guy in St. Louis that just built a "sensual white diamond pearl" bucket that is wider, longer, has a door, and a longer bed. :)

I took lots of pics of it but never got to ride in it. Look him up and and see if he'll letcha behind the wheel for a little while to get an idea of the ROOMINESS of it.

Sure looked like it was a well built body and looked to have lots of room.

Don't know if it will easily fit your frame though.

There's also K&S Customs way out in Arizona or somethng and I've heard GREAT thinks about their buckets but never been able to find one to check out. I do believe Da Prez has one and should be able to tell you if it will fit your frame without any serious modifications.

Sippin on some tasty root beer, feet kicked up, still grinnin from the fun in Springfield,
Sounds like you have had some experience with the phone person at CCR....LOL On hold long? Still waiting for a call back ? OK, Enough, sorry CCR......

I suggest you try out K&S Customs in the Phoenix AZ area... Here is their website.

For a longer Bed, go to Old Dog Street Rods PH: 314-291-7637

Hi Donald,
I looked at the body T-Odd is talking about and agree with him. It really looked good. I didnt get a chance to talk to the owner of the car, but I did talk to James Bennett. James is the one that sells the body. He had a couple of cars there and I did sit in one of them. The body is 4 longer and 2 wider. The pearl white car has a 50 bed, but they also have a 20. The only thing I wasnt wild about was the flat dash. I took many pictures of the body. I have been leaning towards the CCR body because of the extra 8 but at half the price I may change my mind.



I am new here but i have a CCR long smooth body with a passanger door i am still building but could provide measurements if needed.

Here are some pics of my uncrated K & S Customs body, right off the shipping palette.

However, I'd bet this would require a longer frame.
You must have gotten your K&S body shortly after I got mine. I'm pleased with it so far. Looks to be very well built especially compared to my previous body. There was a hassle with shipping my body as well, because they said it was hazardous material....????
Keep us up to date on your build..

Chuck T

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