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Looking for Trick Line Clamps


I'm stuck on how to clamp 2 transmission cooler lines, 1 wire loom and 1 battery cable to the frame. I'd rather not stack up line clamps. Is there any trick clamps that can accomodate up to 4 lines of varying thickness?
You might try checking out the back pages of some of the hot rod magazines like Street Rodder. There are a couple advertisers there that sell tube fittings, prebent lines and they also have some really neat clamping set up's. I don't have one in front of me right now or I'd leave you a link....
Speedways has clamps also but only for one or two sizes in 1 clamp.
You may have to form some to fit your situation, they are not hard to make if you have a bench vice.
You can build a simple set of forming blocks pretty easily... "BH"
Could you take a block of steel or aluminum and drill holes then cut in half then bolt together with stainless allens.

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