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Low Slung T

Thanks guys. The process wouldn’t be bad if they just outlined it somewhere. It’s all figure it out on your own. I had a lot of help from a member on here that lives pretty close to me or I would have never figured it out. They just switched it up between when he did his and last June. I’m pretty excited to finally be able to take this thing out of my neighborhood.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been on. Work and life have been keeping me way busy. Also driving my bucket!
So I did finally get it titled and registered and have been driving the life out of it. 850 miles on the odometer already.
I’ve found a few things in the process that will need addressed but nothing major.
Just some thoughts I have so far. I need to get some new calipers that won’t rust as much. They look like crap already. Also need some slightly longer lugs on the front.
It seems like it goes down the road pretty nicely. No death wobble. I did feel the need to tighten my steering box a bit bc the steering was a little sloppy. However, it is now squeaking on left turns. Really sounds like it’s coming from the box. If anyone has any thoughts on that, I’d appreciate them.
I think I’ve said it before, but I need to angel my dash up a bit and maybe move my speedometer a bit.
I did bend the tab on my gas pedal that the cable attaches to. I gusseted that and added a pedal stop. Not sure how I missed that but it’s all good now.
I’m on the fence about my rear springs. It’s stiff and therefore kind of bounces sometimes. Might need to soften them up a bit. I’m going to run them a bit more and then make a decision.
That’s all I can think of at the moment, so not to bad at all in my opinion.
Man, I LOVE this thing. So much fun! All you guys still working on yours, keep pushing. It is so worth it!
Oh. The mirror. 100% junk. It’s one of those clamp on ones you get from speedway. I can’t keep it from folder in at speed. I need to figure out how to secure it if get something new.
Can you get a thin piece of rubber (bike tube) and glue it to the clamp?
Quick update. Mirrors still are worthless. I don't really want to do a set screw. Just keeping my eye open for a better mirror. Maybe some motorcycle stuff.
Also made an executive decision on the seat pan. Its going. I ordered a set of seats that will sit lower, are already upholstered and should be a lot more comfortable. They will be setting on the floor. If you recall, I have a lot of electrical under my seats so I will be revisiting a lot of that stuff once the new seat come in. Hopefully it doesn't end up being a complete rewire. Its a good time to be doing bigger projects though. The Houston heat is not ideal for driving a roofless car at this time of year. I could use some AC in the garage since my wife wont allow me to work on the T in the dinner room!
lock tight for the mirror? Its not the bolts that are the problem. It just wont clamp tight enough on my windshield frame.
Consider this. If the mirror is mounted too rigidly to the windshield frame what happens if someone bumps into the mirror? Will it break the mirror, the frame or worse yet, the windshield? Mine are motorcycle mirrors. They do pivot rather easily but I figure its better to have to adjust them once in a while. Its easier than replacing the frame or the windshield.
I agree Neshkoro. However, I'm adjusting mine more than frequently. When on the highway I have to push it back out every time I want to use it.
lock tight for the mirror? Its not the bolts that are the problem. It just wont clamp tight enough on my windshield frame.
Lock tight doesn’t care if it’s threaded or not. We used to use it to prevent two stroke dirt bikes from sheering the flywheel keys on the crankshaft... worked like a charm every time. Without it, you were likely pushing it home to replace a sheered key. If the mirror simply slips on the properly sized post, why not try lock tight? Perhaps a dab of urethane adhesive, anything to stop the slippage. It’s your car, do what you want. Just a suggestion.

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