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Low Slung T

They make butt connectors specifically for that purpose. But they are way more expensive so I just use on that the wires fit in if I can.
I have used a splice that fits 2 wires and folded the single wire to double its size.
Do whatever it takes to get the job done. I believe that how you apply things trumps having the “correct” things. As individuals, it’s hard to always have the correct things on hand.
Rub it in why don't you !!! We know you have friends on high places ! :p
If only... actually, I am just about all alone in my world. My brother in law is in a urn on the side board, his tools in my barn, truck parked out back... I don’t have the heart to dispose of things yet, he passed away last February and my friend/employee passed in April. Darn near everyone in my circle has died, moved away, or are sitting on the couch waiting to go... hard time of life. I still credit them for their contributions and miss em every day. Cancer be Damned!!! I appreciate your humor just the same. On another note, what does one do with a lifetime collection of rivet tools, bucking bars, etc? He had a extensive collection of such things. I doubt that I will ever use them but know they are valuable to the right person. I hate to let them rust, but refuse to just let them go unappreciated... seems like a insult to whole sale a mans livelihood. Oh well, back to buckets!
That’s the dilemma that many of us will face. What to do with with all of our cherished “stuff” when that time comes?
Any serious car guy, homeowner, sportsman has a crap load of tools and supplies that the average person would never have. I’m sure that’s the case with a lot of us bucketeers. Some of us have children or relatives that would be happy to take a lot of our cherished “junk”! Some not.
It’s a dilemma and sad!
My twin brother ( Ronny Jay ) passed away on 1-28-20. I have 2 rolling tool chests & 3 tables that belonged to him. His old rusty tool shed was torn down & most of his tools were doled out to friends & relatives. He was a very talented craftsman. Why do mortals build great monuments ( Taj Mahal , pyramids , long span bridges ). We are creative creatures , we can't help it. It's in our d.n.a .
I love this quote:
All design involves conflicting objectives and hence compromise, and the best designs will always be those that come up with the best compromise. (Henry Petroski, Invention by Design )
You have a plan. That’s a good thing. I live in the Chicago area and have 2 boys as well. Both are handy and love doing that type of stuff. The problem is one kid lives near me but lives in a condo. The other one lives in a house in North Carolina. I’m sure some of my stuff will go to them but there will be a lot of things that won’t. I guess once I’m gone I won’t know what happened to the stuff anyway!
What you do if you need to spice wires together for grounds and gauges.
Good chance you will have more than a couple of ground wire in a location, if so that would
be a good time to use a buss bar.,aps,259&ref=sr_pg_1


You can get them in black or red.,aps,259&ref=sr_pg_2


Be sure you know what size the stud or screw is so you can buy ring terminals the correct
size. Don't forget about the wire size also coming into the ring terminal.

If I had only taken them, I could accept the credit.

I used Window Snipping Tool, just draw a box around anything on your screen and paste
directly to your post. It's in Win 7 thru Win10. I'm on Win10, so it looks alittle different than the
YouTube video below.


Thats all I have used since photobux started to charge. The 1 or 2 image resizing programs also want silly money to use them for a few pictures a year.
I have a program in my windows 10 that resizes photos. I upload photos from my camera , to my desktop. I resize them , then i post them to my thread. I also download photos from the internet & resize them before posting them.
Got any speed bumps in your area.... just askin

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