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Man, It's Really Cold! Even for Colorado...


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I know the weather is much worse in other parts of the country right now, especially on the East Coast. I read in the news thousands are without power from ice storms.

I just checked the weather report and it's -7 degrees F here in the fort with a wind chill that puts it down to a "Feels Like" -22 degrees. I shouldn't complain, but that's cold even for Colorado. The high for the day was 2 degrees. Good thing my shop is heated.

Here's the fake log heater I use to keep warm in my workshop:

Keeps the place nice and toasty, but I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to seeing a fire burning out of the corner of my eye. :eek:

Just came in from blowing out the driveway.
Was a steady 30 to 50 mph north wind all day, temp right now bout -11
Feels good index(wind chill) gotta be in the minus 30s someplace.
Snow in the driveway was from knee deep to between my waist and armpits in front of the shop. About an hour to clean off a 30x50 asphalt driveway. Twas a bit raw. The wind really hasnt let up but near as I can tell it has stopped snowing for the time being. Ill probably have to get up at 4 am tomm and blow again, wont be quite as bad tho. Looks like we got about 8 inches of snow. I can see out the kitchen windows and there is a drift in the back yard that is pushing 5 ft. Visibility today was near nothing to 500 ft on average..
We didnt lose power, just had a cozy family day and stayed in the house. I truly do feel for the folks out east with no power, that would be a tough go.
Post offices, schools, the federal buildings and courthouses are all closed tommorow. Wonder if Ill go to work??? Gotta love life on the prairie.....
I left Denver on Friday and they were predicting a high of 15* for today with lots and lots of snow. Side note its still raining here.
Guess what I don't miss about collins?

I'm not even going to talk about mowing the grass today:lol:
Best of luck guys, It will get warm again I promise....
Saturday evening I came home from work and it's 37*. When to lunch with my son at noon on Sunday and it was 22*. We had to run to the grocery store at 9pm and it was -2*. So, were just chillin'.
The temperature was unusually high yesterday in the mid 40's with rain, it dropped like a rock over night (3) and this morning everything has a solid layer of ice on it.
51 this morning at 4:30 24 now at 1:40 pm and dropping.Went out and started The Rat Fink fired right up and warmed my heart.COME ON MAY
We made up to 9 today, it is going back down now. It just might get a little chilly tonight.
So how much snow did that system dump on you guys there in Colorado? What's the temp now and balmy 30* :lol: I use to live in Suadi Aurora back in the mid 80's.
It is getting so cold here, I had to put a blanket on the fire so it would warm up enough to burn. :liar::whistle:
Currently -8F talking -17F tonight with 1 to 3 inches of snow tommorrow.
T4TWO said:
So how much snow did that system dump on you guys there in Colorado? What's the temp now and balmy 30* :lol: I use to live in Suadi Aurora back in the mid 80's.

It hardly snowed at all. We saw maybe 2" here in the Fort. I'm not a weather person, but in this part of the country, if the temp goes much below about +10 degrees, it stops snowing. I have no idea why.

I wish it would snow! Then it would be at least in the high teens or low twenties.

-3 right now. :sad:


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