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Motor mounts


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my motor is on its way ( yaaaaaaaaa)

what are the best motor mounts
to use ?? it is a 350 chevy all the
web site of the builder says is 55 to 85

im sure once it gets here ill realy
be asking a lot of questions

thanks in advance for the help
dang it all to heck !!! i was just looking around the boards
and i saw a post thet said not to mount the battery box yet
of course i already mounted mine but i did notice my floor
dont have a hole for it yet
is this hole location flexable ?? i sure hope so
if not the holes i already made are on the inside and bottom
so its not so bad
datonamanmike said:
all the
web site of the builder says is 55 to 85
'55-'57 used front mounts, not side mounts, so the Web site is inaccurate.

Most mount manufacturers offer a 'torque limiting' design motor mount. It uses an internal hook system, to prevent the mount from moving far enough to split the rubber. That's what you will likely want to use.

You can use a solid type mount, but that will transfer a lot of vibration to the frame. If you do use solid front mounts, use an el-cheapo trans mount that will allow the trans to move where it wants to be, else you will end up breaking a trans case.
I used the rubber mounts for the engine and tranny. I figured they would be fine for a stock motor in my frame.

I was going to mount my battery box before I got my body and was advised by Rick not too. Now I know why. In Totals plans it seems that it would be easy to figure out where it should go, but if your figuring is a 1/2" off, it could make for extra cutting and drilling. It seems that the battery hole in the floor board is made just big enough to get the battery in and out.

If all you did was drill a couple holes in your frame, you should be okay if you have to move your box.
I think they were for a late '60s Chevy full size car. The same goes for the tranny mount. I got them at O'Rielly auto parts. I had a pic of the factory one Total Performance sells and I had the guy pull out his book for motor mounts and was able to match the pictures. I'll see if I can find the reciept, so I can get you the correct numbers.
Try these numbers:

motor mounts for a '68 Chevy Impala with the 327 Anchor brand #2142. They are the same for both sides.

tranny mount for a '68 Impala with auto trans Anchor brand #2268.

Take the pic from the Total catalog or their website and match it just in case, but these should be the right numbers. When you see them, you'll know they are right.

You can also try the Auto Zone website. They have pics and sell the same brand for the engine mounts, but the tranny mount will be Duralast at Auto Zone. In either case they were all cheap at about $5 each.
i just ordered mine from rock auto
68 impala motor and tranny
10.40 all three with shipping thanks fred
by the way this is a great site with the best prices
check it out
Thanks for passing on the site, Datona. Man, I love it when we brain storm on this site!:D

I was waiting for Rick to chime in, but his motor is all messed up, what with the distributor mounted in the front and all! :D Just messin' with ya, Rick.

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