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Hi guys, :confused: I'm looking for advice on what to use for a header muffler. I am going to use a lake style header & want to keep it short. I am trying to decide if auger style, or baffel inserts or trapp style will work the best. ;)Which is quietest? What is your experience? I will be moving to a new community & noise might be a problem. Perhaps something I can adjust. I hope you can understand my ramblings Let's hear your opinions. Thanks Skip
I would invest in some earplugs for your new neighbors. Their isnt enough total area in length to make lake headers quite. You can reduce the noise by 10-15 % tops with an insert or the auger. The jetboats use an insert and claim a good reduction in noise but i havent seen it myself. i know they are pricey stainless and about 250.00 a pair.
Has anyone mounted the Super Traps on a lake header? They are supposed to be tunable.
Add or remove the discs. you would it seems to me make your own discs the size of the exit tube in the lakes are larger than supertraps. But if you could stand the look heck anything is possible, stop at a muffler shop and ask for a couple of burnt up glasspacks and experiment with um cut them up and use the inside to see how quiet you can get it then make your own insert.
great idea rooster!!!!!


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