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I have a rack on my roadster, mounted to the front cross member. I get no bump steer. Now, that is a dead perch spring set up, with very little up and down movement. It probably never moves more than half an inch.
Hi Fluidfloyd .This is my first rack & pinion install on a 23 t bucket. This is my first R&P installation on ANYTHING. So..........I don't know. You might want to ask Choppedtop. He said his roadster has NO bumpsteer.
The vehicles that the rack & pinion steering are taken from , have independent front suspensions. Lots of up & down movement (upper & lower A arms). A t bucket's suspension is very limited in comparison.
FYI, I have R&P :

It's a Honda Civic unit mounted inside the front crossmember. The black pieces are motorcycle steering dampers; manual R&P transfers motion in both directions, so every bump in the road will try to jerk the steering wheel. So-Cal sells a unit too.
It's a struggle trying to get out of. I'm going to install some hoop style steps. I ordered a pair of steps yesterday. I'll have to fabricate 4 mounting brackets (it's NO hill for a CLIMBER). I also slayed the dragon. I'll take some photos today.
Our Asian brothers & sisters consider the dragon to be a mystical , sacred creature. The theme for my car is " SPOOKY HOOPTY". The DRAGON didn't fit the theme. I removed the DRAGON because i respect my Asian / American neighbors & friends. I also have a TAIWONESE sister - in - law.
POTVINGUY ; What heim joint (heim end) did you use to connect the rack & pinion steering rod to the t buckets steering arms ? PS: My r&p is from a Honds Del Sol. Trying to avoid using the ball joint ends that came with the r&p.upload_2022-10-5_13-32-8.jpeg
m14 x 1.5 female heim joint.jpg Hi potvinguy ; I found the answer to my question on your thread. M12 x1.25 female heim joint. I took the nut off my Honda Del Sol"s r&p steering rod & took it to Lowes. I found out i needed a m14 x 1.5 female heim joint. I ordered a pair of them today from Ebay.
I had to drastically modify the body insert. Too much seat jutting out into the doorway. I also had to modify my dashboard ( defroster vents wouldn't fit ). My heater is installed & my brake mastercylinder is also installed + a new steering column that is 32 inches long ( old column was 28 inches long). I move 3 steps forward then 1 step backwards. I'll take some photos today.
Just curious, what's supporting the master cylinder? I see a u-shaped black tubing-looking thing that looks like it is on the inside of the firewall. Is that the support?
I'm going to replace the Honda Del Sol r&p with a Chevy Cobalt r&p. The stationery , non-moving section of the Honda Del Sol's r&p is too long. The Chevy Cobalt's r&p stationery section is shorter. The mounting areas are much simpler to build mounting brackets for & the Chevy Cobalt's r&p uses a duouble D steering shaft. My new steering column uses a double D steering shaft.
DonnyRay, where did you find that master / brake setup? That's exactly what I need for my ride. I don't have enough room under the floor and I've got big feet. my firewall is backed by 3/4" plywood so it should hold in place without a problem. That setup would allow me to place the pedal for best big foot position. My steering column is 32" but looks out of place when it's set up. Kind of looks like it's just out floating in thin air.
I used a Dodge Omni rack for my ride. I'll take some pix of the setup tomorrow- it's not finished yet - and post them. It;s a rear steer setup. I'm currently rethinking the whole spindle setup so the tie rods will probably change at some point. Since I'm not sure where the axle came from, the only thing I've figured out is that the spindles are 46-53 chevy. The hub is also too big for my new wheels...

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