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Need Advise from larger guys?


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First I want to say hello to everyone as I'm brand new to the board! I am 6'4" around 260 pounds but have always wanted a T-Bucket. Anyway I'm looking at one right now with out the interior in it and was wondering if I can make it work for someone as tall as I am, or am I just wasting my time. Just wanted to hear from the guys that are taller and larger to see what you though. I'm thinking that the smiles and fun I will get will be worth the crampiness. Thank for your input!
Hello and welcome,

There are many manufacturers that produce the fiberglass body portion of the assembly and to that end, some are stretched and some aren't. I would be less concerned with your weight and more concerned with legroom based upon your 6'4" height. If the T that you are considering has a standard body, you probably won't be comfortable. If you have your eye on a particular car, sit in it and drive it too to see if you can be comfortable, if not, you can certainly get comfortable in a stretched version. :D

Good Luck,
You may also want to consider the 26-27 more room and most of them can have pass and driver doors and a turtle deck. I have the CCR streach body 23 and a guy tonight sat in mine and he was very impressed with the room vrs his total pref std body. He was thin and i would say 6.2
Ok maybe you guys can help me out with Identifiying if this is stretched or not? I know it has a side passanger door in it. Thanks for all the replies so quick!



X53 go to the California Custom Roadster web site and they have measurements there for you to reference. Also i think spirit makes a streach body as well and they are great to answer any questions over the phone. Even though they are running like crazzzzzed headless chickens to make some close approaching deadlines. JMO
I agree dont looked streached to me either. Check my new post about the carshow this weekend mine is streached.
Look at either California Custom Roadster stretched body (56" long 48" wide) or Class Glass Performance ( 59" long 45" wide) Both are good bodies.
Here are some shots from Hermans Fast Glass of their stretched body


A stretched vs a standard body

Herman can be reached at 865-577-1941
Hey Gunner, I'm even bigger than you. (5th. of rum later) LOL. I am cutting and stretching my T just about like that picture but it will be another month or two before I actually take a saw to it. The one thing I did pick up on if you cut your body is don't cut it straight down. Go down a little then straight across, a couple inches farther than you want to stretch it, then down again. I am addind 8" length and 4" width. I want more room between my feet and steering column.
since the car exists, fake a seat and plop your tokas in it:D
then you won't be guessing.
Henry Ford wasn't very big and his cars fit HIM... My original steel 15 body is narrower and shorter than most buckets which are based on the 23 body. I am 6 ft and 170 but ther isn't enough leg-foot room. I keep my foot on the clutch pedal when driving. cuz there is no place to put the left foot.
If you already have a body, say if "I" had a body and was your size, I would cut the back of the body and make it maybe a foot taller in the rear, this way you can make the seat higher and still look cool, after all when sitting at the breakfast table, you don't need a lot of length, even if you are that tall, a hair taller chair makes up for that in many cases, right??? You only have to go longer if you want to sit way down inside the body, well a T Bucket is not really that style, and the high backs look classy... just my thoughts on this... :D
For a bit more I am 6-3 and 250. Have a performance body with the steering column through the floor. makes for a cramped fit for the left leg. Raised the seat 2" and made all the difference between uncomfortable and ok for a while. Wish I had a stretch or a through the fire wall column
I also would go with the longer cowel.If you do the seat thing your gonna be WAYYYY above the windshield.I'm 6' and my head is 8or9 inches above the windshield now.

And this is a Total Aniversary body with the high back.

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